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Aging by design

In 2065, how will we apprehend the current taboo of death in our western world ?

8 weeks, 2015

Product, Magazine



The forecasting of our future world leads us to picture a world within each individual would be control by virtual life, in which the frontier with reality would be so blurred that each human being will live his life, identity and even grief throughout digital tools.


But what if we could imagine an alternative, in which communities, auto-sufficiency, neo-crafting... would take a new booming, far from technological assistance?

How could be transform the death, grief into something meaningful for society.

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User researches


The taboo of death lead us to investigate to elders isolated in an elderly home, priest, young citizens, caregivers in order to get a precise idea of our fears, points of view, ways to be prepared.



How could be the future of the act of burying? how will technology transcend death or give it another meaning?

A new ritual


The second part of this project reinvent our way to commemorate, celebrate, grieve the death by giving the opportunity to make your death meaningful for society and shut down this taboo and ease the process whole process around this peculiar stage of life.

Where end the fireflies


Consisting of making death the least taboo as possible, this new ritual help family to prepare the upcoming death. By empowering the people, it helps to make of this event a singular, personal and less painful experience.

The other purpose aims to give another perspective to the death for a society which needs more closeness and sense of community.

Credits : Maxime Marois, Emilie Ragouet, Master (Designskolen Kolding)