Lequay Paul






Communicative healthcare device and service for patients hospitalized at home

Lequay Paul - Product designer

All Rights reserved, 2017

12 weeks, 2014

Product, Service, UX design



cf. Thesis "alienation in service design"

Home hospitalization has been developed since few years, essentially thanks to a flexible and organized care system combine to the spreading of new technology (monitoring mainly).

It implies a complete cares transformation for the patient who sometimes follows long-term cares at home.

User researches


In order to get meaningful insights, I contacted several actors (nurses, doctors) and patients. In the meantime, I've been in touch with some companies from the electronic and health service field. Furthermore, I followed a doctor operating by teleconsulting and sought for needs, fears alongside patients at home.

"Ensure to the patient at home, an accurate medical monitoring  and the same care feeling as in hospital"

Scenario - Interactions


The experience provides by the device must be the most intuitive and easy  considering the health, possible handicap and fit with all kind of patients

Credits : Dr Trial ChloƩ, Pauline bernard, DSAA (Villefontaine)