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How to give a new narrative to Isabella' awning throughout a recycling system ? Can it be beneficial from a social perspective ?

2 weeks, 2015

Social, Product, Service



The memor bag is the result of an intime collaboration between people in need and Isabella. By a recycling program of their used awnings, Isabella company take part into a social innovation which permits to the new workers (homeless, drug addicts, alcoholic) to get a part-job by creating these bags with Isabella.

The designcamp ended by an exhibition for our partner Isabella. In order to stick to the economical reality and to overcome any production issues, we developped a set of instructions and built up a system that balanced the incomes, investments as much as benefit for all actors.

A new narrative


Each previous owner of Isabella awning has the possibility to share story of travels and so give uniqueness to each bag.

The worker will also share words about him in order to alert the customer to his cause.

Credits : Yukiko Izumi, Ananya Arora, Keyu Long, Master (Designskolen Kolding)