Lequay Paul





Telesthesiaby Sony

Intimate mind to mind communicative device (fiction)

Lequay Paul - Product designer

All Rights reserved, 2017

6 weeks, 2014

Fiction, Product, Anthropology



The Telesthesia has been created in a close future in which we would accelerate our life pace, work. Our current knowledge on brain' operating and mind control technology will lead us to rethink our communication tools and ways.



This device enables a mind to mind communication, hence, instantly with other users who owns the same device.

You would be able to send messages, including textures and smells. The textures will be transmit through the smart wristband, equipped of  an haptic surface. Moreover, thanks to a recent SONY technology, the device leads your brain to believe that you are smelling something, enabling the user to sense different feelings.

The messages will be display on the smart wristband or play through the earphones.


Build a fictionnal brand, identity, website were tools to project yourself and make believe that this future might be possible

Credits : Maxime mollon, NoƩmie Nicolas, DSAA (Villefontaine)